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    We’re always trying to find ways to make the website building experience at Virb easier. One of the hurdles we’ve noticed has been the disconnect between making edits and viewing them live on your site. Without a quick way to see your live site while editing, you’re forced to do the two-browser-tab-boogie. Well, put your dancing shoes away because we’ve just implemented Save & View.

    Now, when you make edits to any page on your site you can simply click “Save & View” and the page will save while your site automatically slides into view. Check your edits then click the bar at the top of the page to return to the one you were editing—simple. We’ve even included a handy URL so you never forget which page you’re viewing.

    We hope that this saves you a little time when creating and editing pages, and keeps you from having to toggle and refresh multiple browser windows. Now close those extra tabs and get back to building that site of yours!

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