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  • Virb for Designers

    We’re always looking for new ways to help you manage your site, give it the right personality, and connect it to the services you already use (and love). That’s why we’re proud to roll out some new features to Virb for Designers.

    We know that a lot of you have been asking for increased control over your site and its code, and we’ve been working hard to improve Virb in multiple areas that will help designers build the best sites online.

    New Features

    Designers are busy, so we’re making it even easier to pull your work into your Virb site by connecting your galleries to Dribbble. You can just let the stream refresh automatically, or curate a set of shots that really speak to a specific skill set.

    On the style-front, we’ve added over 20 hand-picked fonts to our library, and we’ve also released a new theme, Discovery. Now there’s even more options to choose from for increased control over the layout and typography of your site.

    If your theme needs some extra customization we have something to help you there too. Now you can access your theme’s Master CSS in the Customize Panel—giving you full control over your site and its responsiveness. With complete control over HTML and CSS you can truly make your site your own.

    With these new features Virb is making it even easier to build a beautiful portfolio—or a site for that client of yours. Explore more at

Custom Widgets

With our new Theme Platform, you get new features and interactions, as well as fully responsive theme templates.